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KEC Upgrades ISO Approvals

2 Mar 2018

KEC has upgraded its ISO 9001 and 14001 approvals to the latest 2015 version of the standards

Servo Appointed as KEC Distributor

1 Feb 2017

KEC backshells now available through distribution from Servo.

KC1100 Heat Shrink Boot Adaptor

15 Nov 2016

The KC1100 is a heat shrink boot adaptor for use where no screen termination is required.  The spin-coupling adaptor is suitable for a wide range of standard circular connectors and a variety of cable entry size options ensures the best fit of the heat shrink boot for maximum cable strain relief. 

360 Degree EMC Screening Backshells for tight spaces and difficult angles

12 Oct 2015

The KC2000 range available in straight, 90o and 45o angled versions and we supply D-Types with multiple cable entry options.

New Inside Sales Staff

12 Oct 2015

Sarah Rowland joins the KEC Sales Team

KEC supplies the complete range of Provertha D-type backshells, M12 and Profibus Connectors

14 Sep 2015

KEC, the Aldermaston-based EMC interconnect specialist supplies the complete range of Provertha D-Type, M-12 and Profibus connectors, backshells, and associated accessories.  The Provertha products are particularly suitable for demanding applications in the Defence & Aerospace, Rail, Automation, Medical and Automotive industries.

360 Degree EMC Screening with High Performance KEC Backshells

18 Jun 2015

The KC 2000 range gives EMC Screening for Metal Circular Connectors.

360 Degree EMC Screening with High-Performance KEC Glands

18 Jun 2015

The KG2 and KG5 Panel and Bulkhead fittings provide a wide range of EMC solutions.

New Profibus Compact M12 Connector

23 Apr 2014

Provertha's new compact M12 interface bus connector, designed for use where space is at a premium.

KG2 and KG5 Panel and Bulkhead Fittings now provide an even wider range of EMC solutions

24 Mar 2014

The KG2 and KG5 ranges have been used to handle overall screened cables passing through or terminatng at an equipment panel or bulkhead in hundreds of applications.