Since their introduction, the KG2 and KG5 ranges of panel and bulkhead fittings have been used to handle overall screened cables passing through or terminating at an equipment panel or bulkhead in hundreds of military, aerospace, railroad and power generation applications.


As screening problems become more sophisticated and complex the need to cope with cables incorporating individual screens or combinations of individual and overall screens has developed.


The KEC pioneered and patented ‘Tube and Interwoven Braid’ offers new versions of the KG2 and KG5 fittings that screen individual cables and combinations of individual and overall screens providing excellent screening and EMC performance.

No special tooling is required so the fittings are simple and economic to install and are totally re-workable if necessary. In addition to our range of standard panel and bulkhead fittings our design and assembly capability allows KEC to design, manufacture and supply a total system concept.

For further information or to view samples please contact KEC at or telephone on 0118 981 1571.